Monitoring wells

Put in place to monitor levels of ground water.  An effective way of measuring water, as well as expected hydrologic, geological, and water quality conditions.



other drilling services

In addition to our Well Points and Deep Well services, Glacier Drilling & Dewatering also offers Geo-technical Drilling and Auger Hole Drilling.  Contact us for a quote.


Dewatering wells

Deep well dewatering systems are used to lower groundwater levels to provide stable working conditions in excavation. A deep well system is comprised of an array of drilled or jetted wells.

  • Well Point Systems
  • ​Dewatering Wells
  • Monitoring Wells
  • Geo-Technical Drilling
  • Auger Hole Drilling

well point system

The wellpoint system is one of the most versatile of pre-drainage methods which can pump a few gallons per minute.


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